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Adlis n Tseftit

Frequency dictionary Tamazight-English
A dictionary of the most frequent words in Tamazight.
Ideal for learners of Tamazight, the living language of a millenarian culture.

Compiled by a team of lexicographers using the latest digital corpus techniques to extract lexical information.

The dictionary entries are organized by frequency, from the most frequent to the least frequent word.
They include the following lexicographical information:
- part-of-speech
- inflections
(plural, bound state, verb conjugation)
- pronunciation
- equivalent in English
- example sentences in Tamazight and English

For quick reference, an index in alphabetical order is included, for both Tamazight and English.

"I received your frequency dictionary of Tamazight and at the same time I explored the online corpus. Both together -the dictionary and the online corpus of Tamazight at ugriw.net- make a fantastic tool to learn and work on Tamazight. Congratulations and tanemmirt."

Prof. Patrice Pognan, INALCO.

10.5 x 15 cm, 150 g, 158 p., 2016.
16,00 €

(Azal n uceggeε yedda-d)

Timura nniḍen
17,00 €

(Azal n uceggeε yedda-d)